Flashlight Pro w/Strobe App Reviews

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Doesn't get simpler than this.

Real fast strobe effect

This flashlight app unlike some others has a Real fast strobe effect, not slow like lights on airplanes and boats. If ur at a party this app is what's up.

Great Flashlight

This app does just what it claims. It works well and has a simple interface.


Nice app. Works as stated.

Simple and to the point

This developer gets it. When I need immediate assess to app for a specific and simple function, I do not want to wade through additional pages in which to switch it on. This clean and simple interface let's me simply and effectively flip on the iPhone backlight in those situations when I need it. For example I did a red eye flight and needed something out of my computer bag by my feet. In the pitch black of the plane all I had to do was merely choose the app, click on the large "ON" button and I was good to go. Also we lost power in a recent storm and again this app came in handy. Well done and worth adding to your collection for that urgent moment when you need it some light, you will be very glad you have it.

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